Kabbalah Glass is for the part of you that walks the mystic path, a visual focus to help you to create greater awareness, intention, and spiritual direction. The essence of Kabbalah Glass lies in the Hebrew word Hineini (“I am here”). It’s about showing up, about being fully present, on your spiritual journey. It’s about becoming the you that you aspire to be.

Like much sacred art, Kabbalah Glass is a meditation tool for the seeker. Kabbalists believe a direct connection with the divine is possible when one prays with true kavannah (Intention). By surrendering to that stillness with an open heart, and by trusting what follows, you can experience a deep sense of receptivity. Each piece of Kabbalah Glass is created to meet that longing for holy connection.

Kabbalah Glass is a very powerful practice. Please read the dvars or listen to the podcasts to see if my values resonate with yours. Explore the glass in the Gallery and throughout on the site to see if Kabbalah Glass speaks to you. Consider enrolling in private class and coaching session.  If this resonates, email me at helen@kabbalahglass.com and be sure to subscribe to my blog to receive updates.