Invitation to Kabbalah Glass blog…

Mystical Judaism draws from the idea of a holy spark within each of us. This informs my daily life, my spirituality, my writing, and my art. In a blog starting Oct 9, I’ll share thoughts about what the weekly Torah reading means for living with greater happiness, direction, wisdom, and compassion.

It’ll combine ideas for soul wrestling, suggestions for meditations, and prayers for blessings. I’ll also write about everything from creativity to joy, and all the energies that motivate and elevate us.

I hope the words and images will speak to you. That you’ll let them rumble around your heart and brain, and then listen to whatever they evoke. Like each of us, this is a work in progress. I hope it touches you in some way. You can start here are read in order, to see what 2.5 years of blogging produced, twice round the Torah and ending in spring, 2015 with the counting of the omer, click on the Blog tab above and work your way backwards, or search for specific subjects or readings.

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Take good care- Helen