Torah Study With Albert and Ernst, Auschwitz, 1944

Very excited. One of my favorite pieces of glass just got accepted into a show at my alma mater (U Penn).

Torah Study framed copy

Here’s what I said in the artist’s statement about me and the art:

I am an artist and writer who creates meditative art for individuals and public spaces. The inspiration for my art comes primarily from Jewish mysticism, which has at its core the idea that everything in the universe is animated by a holy spark. Our job as humans is to do what in Hebrew is called tikkun olam, the healing of the world: creating wholeness from those separated sparks by how we live and treat all living things.

When viewers engage with art, it is important to be fully present. The Hebrew word hineini is how Moses answers God at the burning bush. It means I am here. I am present. Amidst the chaos, mystery, and beauty of this world, I accept what you are asking of me. I am ready to do tikkun olam.

Among my inspirations is the Holocaust, in which both my parents lost many relatives. Though the piece may seem whimsical, it was created as part of a Jewish Day of the Dead series. The skeletons looked so much like Muppets, I started to call them Bert and Ernie, and they became alive. But beneath the ironic title is a depth of mourning, and an echo of the eternal questions of life, death, faith, and meaning.

Also, I’m back in my studio, so if you want to commission a meditation piece for yourself or as a gift, to beautify either your home or garden, send me a text and we can talk about art, healing, and the mysteries of life.


Points of Light: Where Kabbalah Glass Comes From

RG2Some chest-thumping below, though in fact I feel very humbled at being so well witnessed by someone. All a writer or artist can ever hope for is that other folks “get” what we’re trying to say, whether it’s with words or art. Feels good.

RG 1

Invitation to Kabbalah Glass blog…

Mystical Judaism draws from the idea of a holy spark within each of us. This informs my daily life, my spirituality, my writing, and my art. In a blog starting Oct 9, I’ll share thoughts about what the weekly Torah reading means for living with greater happiness, direction, wisdom, and compassion.

It’ll combine ideas for soul wrestling, suggestions for meditations, and prayers for blessings. I’ll also write about everything from creativity to joy, and all the energies that motivate and elevate us.

I hope the words and images will speak to you. That you’ll let them rumble around your heart and brain, and then listen to whatever they evoke. Like each of us, this is a work in progress. I hope it touches you in some way. You can start here are read in order, to see what 2.5 years of blogging produced, twice round the Torah and ending in spring, 2015 with the counting of the omer, click on the Blog tab above and work your way backwards, or search for specific subjects or readings.

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Take good care- Helen